24-year-old Brazilian psychology student Jos Sales (@vejocores) has always had a peculiar relationship with colors. He says he was a color maniac as a kid. At the age of five, I would save up my entire allowance to buy paint for my creative experiments, which sometimes included painting the neighbors houses without their permission, he recalls, laughing.
During his teenage years, Jos became interested in photography and has recently revisited this childhood obsession. His series of photographs capture the way he sees the world, one bold color at a time. Knowing which color to use for a photographic series comes naturally. Its as if colors are always looking for me. I find myself taking series of photographs that relate to a consistent theme, he says.
For Jos, colors have always represented emotions, and his study of psychology is an attempt to explore the subject further. My favorite color is constantly changing and speaks to the moment Im going through, he says. Blue was during a very serene time and orange was when I was looking for new possibilities. More than anything, Jos hopes his photos will convey his personal experience. I hope that people notice that my photographs are a diary, where each and every detail speaks to stories lived and felt.

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